Does Bronze Tarnish?

Does Bronze Tarnish?

Just like silver, bronze tarnishes! It's a completely normal process of materials interacting with their environment. Bronze has copper in it, and when it interacts with moisture, sweat, lotions, perfumes, etc. the surface of the metal can change color. The great thing about bronze is that when it's polished it's a beautiful buttery gold color - one that you can always return to with polishing. 

Fun fact - the more your wear your bronze the less it tarnishes! If it's just sitting out in a dish, especially in a moist place it will tarnish faster. 

There are many ways to remove tarnish including regular old ketchup, baking soda and water paste, or silver polish. We also provide polishing cloths with every purchase to keep your pieces shiny.

The reason we do not gold plate our pieces is because it will ALWAYS rub off at some point, and we'd rather you be able to care for your piece on your own rather than have to get it re-plated every few months.

Everyone has preferences and if bronze is not your thing, that's totally fine! We offer everything in silver on our website. Most pieces also come in 10k yellow gold but can be ordered custom in any metal.

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