Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

All of our jewelry is handmade from yellow bronze and sterling silver, and our inlay features natural stones. While bronze and silver are strong metals that stand the test of time, it is important to handle the jewelry with care to maintain its beauty and longevity. Here are some care tips:

Keep Jewelry Dry

Remove your jewelry while showering and sleeping to prevent tarnishing and tangles. We know it's a hassle to remove rings while washing your hands, so just make sure to dry your jewelry thoroughly after getting it wet. Do not wear your jewelry in chlorine as it can deteriorate the metal and stones.  

Store Jewelry Properly

Jewelry should be stored in its box or a plastic bag to prevent oxidation and tarnish. Bronze and silver may develop a patina over time, which adds to the unique character of the jewelry - and we encourage you to embrace that! However, if you wish to remove the patina, you can use various methods.

Removing Tarnish & Polishing Your Jewelry

You can use any of these options, however if your jewelry has a stone in it, use 2 or 3 and avoid the stone. 1. Drop it in white vinegar for 30 seconds to remove oxidation, rinse with fresh water and soap, and dry 2. Cover in ketchup and let sit for a few minutes, rinse with fresh water and soap, and dry 3. Cover in a baking soda and water paste and let sit for a few minutes, rinse with fresh water and soap, and then dry. Lastly, polish with Sunshine Cloths. We provide small samples of the blue sunshine polishing cloth with each order.  

Minimize Discoloration

Bronze contains copper, and when copper comes into contact with the oils and acids in your skin, it can cause a chemical reaction that produces copper salts. These copper salts can turn your skin green, which is a harmless reaction and will go away on its own. The extent to which brass will turn your skin green depends on factors such as the amount of time you wear the brass jewelry, moisture levels, and the pH level of your skin. It's worth noting that not everyone's skin reacts to bronze in the same way, and some people may not experience any discoloration at all. 

There are a few things you can do to mitigate: make sure to keep it as dry as possible and take it off while you're sleeping. Some people choose to put a thin layer of clear nail polish on the inside to create a barrier between the metal and your skin. 

We choose not to gold plate any of our jewelry, especially rings, because the plating will always rub off and eventually you will have the same reaction to the metal underneath. We use solid bronze because the color of the metal will not rub off and it can always be repolished.

If the green cast bothers you we recommend sticking to silver or solid gold. 

Repairs and Cleaning

If you have a piece of Take Shape Studio that is in need of repair, please send us an email at Some repairs are done for free and some may incur a cost depending on the state of the jewelry. 

Proper care and maintenance of your jewelry can help it last for many years. By following these jewelry care instructions, you can keep your jewelry looking its best and maintain its unique character.

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