I adore custom projects because we get to collaborate on unique and sentimental pieces that will be worn for a lifetime and beyond. Whether it’s sourcing ethical stones, playing around with compositions, or polishing gold, I remain in awe of jewelry and the magic and meaning it holds. I use a number of methods from wax carving to fabrication to CAD and 3d printing to design and make your piece. Let’s make some magic!


  • Step One

    After your initial inquiry I request a description and reference photos or drawings of your vision. From there we schedule a time for a video call to discuss bringing your project to life.

  • Step Two

    Once you've sent your deposit, I send you drawings and digital images of your design so you are able to visualize your piece more clearly and give me feedback or the go ahead.

  • Step Three

    Depending on your design, I will either fabricate, wax carve, or 3D print. If we do CAD & 3D printing I send you a rendering of your piece for feedback before it's casted. If we elect for other methods you have to trust the process a bit more! Once the piece is done you provide final payment and fall in love!

Common Questions

Can I use heirloom stones?

It depends! I am often able to incorporate heirloom stones but it depends on their quality.

Please note Take Shape Studio will not be liable for any damage to heirloom or client stones or settings that may occur during the production process. 

Can I melt down my gold to be used in the new design?

I prefer to use new gold because remelting your gold can cause porosity and integrity issues in the new piece.

What's the design process like?

I am happy to work off a specific design you'd like or let my creativity flow, but either way the final design needs to be somewhat in line with my design aesthetic.

Can I change my custom design once we've started?

During the design phase you can absolutely change your design. You also have the opportunity to give feedback after the CAD rendering is provided. If the changes are extensive it may incur an extra cost, but we can usually do minor changes easily.

How does payment work?

After we meet and decide to work together I request a $500 nonrefundable deposit with the rest paid in later installments or once the piece is finished. I accept zelle, check or payment via invoice. I will send you a receipt once you are paid in full.

How is custom work priced?

I price my work based on material costs, labor, intricacy, and design. My custom pieces usually range from $3,000-6,000 but it is entirely dependent on the individual piece.

How long is the process?

8-12 weeks depending on how quickly we are able to settle on a design and source our stones.

Can I return my custom piece?

I do not accept returns on any fine jewelry or custom pieces.

Shayna's Testimonial

Working with Sophie on my wedding jewelry was such a fun experience — I went into it thinking it would just be my engagement ring and came out with that plus my wedding band AND earrings! I gave Sophie some inspiration and materials - family stones that I wanted to use, examples of rings that I liked, and she really ran with it. I especially loved how collaborative the process was — I always felt like my opinions and desires were being taken into account while Sophie added her particular expertise as an artist. I can’t emphasize enough how special it feels to have these pieces of jewelry that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Natalie's Testimonial

I am the proud owner of several Take Shape pieces - all of which are part of my regular rotation. Sophie’s designs are hip, clean, and creative. I commissioned her to make a special bloodstone & gold wedding ring for my fiancee for our wedding day. She worked closely with me each step of the way - from choosing the stone cut and shade to the type of gold I wanted to use. She sent me photos, took my feedback, and also offered her expert advice when designing the ring. If you are considering buying a piece, whether it be from her fine jewelry collection or her more everyday styles, I highly recommend it!

Rob's Testimonial

I wanted to surprise my long term partner with a unique engagement ring but had no idea where to begin. Sophie’s great patience and creative expertise were deeply appreciated as she walked me through a number of design options. The final ring is a beautiful combination of platinum, a vintage diamond, and blue sapphires – all materials sourced by Sophie.  She managed to create the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or creative partner