Using playful shapes and impactful lines, jeweler Sophie Silverstein of Take Shape Studio designs jewelry inspired by geometric and abstract symbols, tactile experiments, art, and nature.

Sophie’s love for jewelry and fashion started early; in preschool she would layer skirt over skirt, and necklace over necklace to achieve the broadest and most colorful twirl. She loved playing with texture and color, a passion that continues today. While crafting persisted throughout her life, her real jewelry journey started in 2014 when she took a metalwork class at Scintillant Studio in San Francisco, where she immediately started renting studio space and eventually taught.

She now has a studio in Berkeley where she designs and hand makes each piece with love and care. Her business values include sustainability, inclusion, quality, and creativity. She incorporates timeliness designs into current trends, making thoughtful heirlooms that inspire confidence and joy.

Artist Statement

Creativity, for me, often emerges from a liminal space — somewhere between one point and another — the moment when you’re on the threshold of something else. Sometimes it’s on a long flight across the country, sometimes it’s in the surreal moments before falling asleep, sometimes it’s during a meandering meditation. I’ve always been drawn to transitions and the space between: the shedding of what no longer serves, the chaos within change, and the excitement of something new taking shape.

In parallel, negative space is an art concept that I love because when we look at art our mind tells us to see a complete form, but when we start to deconstruct elements like lines, shapes, colors, and especially negative space, or the space between elements, we start to see something completely new. These are concepts I play with in my jewelry by creating two dimensional images with wire and sheet that feature shapes, lines, and literal space between elements.


We use recycled metal, ethically sourced and antique gemstones, and recycled packaging to reduce our footprint. We also donate quarterly to carbonfund.org.
 A #1 priority for us is representation and diversity in who we hire and who you see as the faces of our brand. Our jewelry is for everyone, no matter your gender, size, race, or ability. 

Giving Back
Throughout the year we choose different organizations to donate a percentage of sales to. In the past, we've donated to non-profits supporting Black lives and Native land conservancy.
We want your jewelry to last forever, so that means using quality materials and craftswomanship, as well as offering repairs for life.
It may be self evident, but as a jewelry brand, creativity, art, experimentation, and play are central to our inspiration and work. We hope the pleasure we derive from designing comes through in our pieces and infuses you with confidence and joy!