Tay BeepBoop x TSS Ring Collab

Tay BeepBoop x TSS Ring Collab

I wanted to share a bit more about the behind the scenes of our ring collab with Tay BeepBoop, the diy and interior design queen! 

Preorders for our collab are going live Friday, June 21st at 8am PST and will sell until sold out! We have 20 of each stone available.

Hannah and I were both fans of Tay’s diy and design instagram before we met her last winter at West Coast Craft when she came by our jewelry booth. She was so kind and featured us in her artist round up from the weekend. 

I reached out to Tay to see if she wanted to work on a custom piece and she suggested we go even bigger and do a collab! With this as the goal, we could make our design accessible to the public, and then donate a portion of the proceeds  to a cause we were both passionate about. 

From there we started the design process. Tay was certain she wanted a kite shaped stone and a squiggly band, so we discussed options and I sent her over drawings. After we honed in on a design we sent it to my CAD designer, who when sent us renderings that we continued to perfect.

After finalizing the design we had the piece 3d printed into wax and then casted. I then cleaned and polished that piece and brought it to my caster to be molded.

Meanwhile, I found a stone supplier who made us custom cut kite shaped stones in the colors we wanted. Tay posted a poll to instagram to narrow down the colors and we landed on our top 5, which are all being offered. 

I finalized 5 samples in our different stone options and Tay came to my studio to document the process so we can show you more of the BTS on launch day! 

We are so excited to be releasing this beauty and we hope you love it!

20% of profits will be distributed evenly across this rotating list of fundraisers for Gazans. If you aren’t shopping with us for this collab, but still want to make a donation, we encourage you to still donate to a fundraiser in the link we shared or choose an org that is fighting for a cause you’re passionate about.


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